About Us

Fetail - Feed Your Restaurant Needs

Why the name Fetail? We thought that retail couldn't stand for anything, so we replaced the R with F! We stand for food, fun, friends, flow and the future.

Built from the ground up, our software and hardware is dedicated to make the Point of Sale as easy as convenient as possible, you can worry about your food, fun, friends, and future.

Fetail is also built to improve the flow of your workspace, reducing the time it takes to receive orders and notify customers if their order is finished, using our unique technology.

Our technicians spent weeks working at restaurants to find the best solution and they created the easiest POS sytem to date.

Fetail offers the top of the line service at a lower price then our competitors, in an easy to understand package so you can focus on feeding your restaurant needs.

  • Powerpoint About Fetail

    Fetail POS Software Built on iPad iOS and base in the cloud.

    We make unique tools for you to power a successful restaurant.

    Our software engineers worked at different types of restaurants to build growth and lower cost tools.

    Our hardware engineer makes hardware go wireless and

    Plug-n-Play for easy set up.

    You control all the tools, only turn it on when you need them.

  • Goal and Roadmap

    A useful POS than competitors.

    We never stop! Keep adding more future tools.

    We want to provide the best service in the industry.

    Keeping it simple, yet powerful.

  • Why Fetail POS?

    Try it, it's free to request a Demo with your own iPad.

    Feel the difference on saving costs and spend less with automation tools.

    Power your marketing for free, customer membership service is included.

    Power your online store for free, control your online store at your POS.

    Power your printing wirelessly without hassle to install lines. All hardware comes wireless plug-n-play.

    Software is built for full service restaurants, but can work on any establishment with our customizable tools.

    675 Brea Canyon Rd, Ste 9, Walnut, CA 91789